Steve Ridout
Indie software creator

My New Boss Is An Asshole

January 4, 2013

I started a new position a few months ago. Its going OK but the boss is kind of an asshole.

He likes it when I get a new feature working quickly, but then expects that kind of progress all the time. Sure, he understands technical debt but still gets pissed off when he can’t see any visible progress he can play with. I try to explain that taking things slowly now will pay off in the long run but he’s not confident in whether the thing will even have a life in the long term. Last month, after a couple of weeks trying messing about with different ways to polish our photography website prototype he decided to drop everything and start work on a completely unrelated new site, just because he’s learning Spanish and thinks it might help him! How can I keep sane under these conditions!?

Steve Ridout
Independent software creator (working for myself)