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March 22, 2014

I’m 16 months into my language learning startup, Readlang. So far I’ve been working completely alone, learning a lot about web development, design and marketing as I go. I’d like to say that I’m learning about running a business too, but calling it a business sounds like a stretch, since it’s still only making pocket change.

This is going to be brutally honest, I’m not afraid to share numbers. For starters, here’s the performance of the site over it’s entire lifetime so far, from Nov 2012 to mid March 2014:

Unique visitors: 24,717
Signups: 4,667 (19% of visitors)
Paying Subscribers: 126 (3.1% of signups, excluding the first 600 users who have free lifetime membership)
Total Revenue: $1045

And this is how I arrived here, month by month…


iOS Chrome, browse the web in slow motion!

December 14, 2013

Chrome for iOS has been my main browser since I bought my iPad over a year ago. I love the way it syncs my bookmarks and history with my desktop Chrome browser and its familiar UI. But one thing that occasionally annoys me is its speed. From the start Chrome was marketed as the fast browser but so often on iOS it feels like I’m browsing in bullet time.

I blamed it partly on having the first iPad with a retina display (3rd gen) which is a little underpowered to push around all those pixels. But mainly, I just figured that all mobiles and tablets were slow, right? Well, not quite…


Surviving the summer in Madrid

July 16, 2013

I’m spending the summer in Madrid at the moment. It’s a great place to work on Readlang. It keeps me in language learning mode, and it’s way cheaper to live than my old home of London, which is handy when trying to bootstrap a business. The one problem is the heat, my friends back in the UK are complaining about the 30 degree heat wave there at the moment, well that’s nothing compared to the 42 degrees (that’s “fourty-two” in case you suspected a typo) it reaches here in Madrid.

Oh, and we don’t have air conditioning.


Go to your email

May 13, 2013

Busuu noticed that I have a gmail address and presented a “Go to your email” link taking me straight to gmail. It’s a nice touch.

Pity about the dodgy CSS in the spam folder message though.

Surprise Visitors

April 1, 2013

Wow, woke up this morning to see this at my Google Analytics:

Wait a minute… just noticed the date :-)

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