Steve Ridout
Indie software creator

Software Projects

JigglePix - A prototype web app which turns your Google Photos library into a puzzle game. In private beta.

Duolingo Stories - One of Duolingo’s most popular features. I led the project from 2017 to 2019, creating the initial prototype as well as the production implementations on web and iOS.

Readlang - A web-app and Chrome extension for learning foreign languages by reading. I created this and worked on it full time from 2012 to 2016. In 2017 I sold it to Duolingo.

Duolingo Hoots - An experimental feature on the Duolingo website offering daily freeform writing practice. I led the project from 2019 to 2021. It’s since been shut down but the technology has been used for writing challenges in other parts of Duolingo.

Notepad Calculator - A notepad with calculation support inspired by Soulver. Created in 2015.

Mongo Object Time - Very simple web utility which converts MongoDB ObjectIDs to timestamps and vice versa. Created in 2013.

Be The Camera - An interactive camera simulator to help you learn the basics of exposure and depth of field. Created in 2012.

CSL Editor - Open source web app for editing the Citation Style Language. Funded by the Sloan foundation and managed by Mendeley and Columbia University. I was the lead developer. Created in 2012

Mendeley - A reference manager for academic researchers to manage their library of PDF papers. I was an engineer on the Mendeley desktop team and developed the original Mendeley plugins for Word and OpenOffice.

LCD Simulator - LCD Simulator, C# Windows application for predicting light propagation through an LCD stack. Created while working at the University of Greenwich in 2008.

ROMARA (Risk Analysis and Design of Experiments software) - Windows app which does monte carlo simulations for DOE (design of experiments) calculations. Created at the University of Greenwich in 2008.

Ape Invasion - A Flash game with custom 2D tile and physics engine. Not that good! Created in 2008.

FATMAN (Finite-element Analysis Tool, Multi-physics And Nonlinear) - FORTRAN 90 code for simulating elastic stress and strain, and non-linear plasticity and damage in 3D structures. Created as part of my PhD thesis “Modelling to predict the reliability of solder joints” at University of Greenwich, 2005 to 2007.

Non-Software Projects

Steve Plays Music - A YouTube channel where I post videos of myself playing songs on guitar and piano, which I’m sharing mainly as a way to motivate me to improve.

Zbampq - A short film I made in 2010 about a lonely call center worker which takes a surreal turn when an old asian man turns up selling action figures from the 1980s.