Steve Ridout
Indie software creator

Active Software Projects

These are projects which I own and maintain.

Please them out and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you have any feedback, suggestions, or would just like to talk about them!

Readlang - A web-app and Chrome extension for learning foreign languages by reading. Started in 2012. Sold to Duolingo in 2017. Bought back from Duolingo in 2023.

Flashdown - An open source Flashcard app using plain text files which runs on the command line. Started in 2022.

JigglePix - Upload your own photos to create a custom daily puzzle game for a private group of friends and family. A fun and original way to share and interact with each other’s photos. Started in 2022.

Notepad Calculator - A notepad with calculation support inspired by Soulver. Started in 2015.

Mongo Object Time - Very simple web utility which converts MongoDB ObjectIDs to timestamps and vice versa. Started in 2013.

Be The Camera - An interactive camera simulator to help you learn the basics of exposure and depth of field. Started in 2012.

Other Software Projects

These are projects which I had a hand in creating but which I’m no longer responsible for maintaining.

Duolingo Stories - One of Duolingo’s most popular features. I led the project from 2017 to 2019, creating the initial prototype as well as the production implementations on web and iOS.

Duolingo Hoots - An experimental feature on the Duolingo website offering daily freeform writing practice. I led the project from 2019 to 2021. It’s since been shut down but the technology has been used for writing challenges in other parts of Duolingo.

CSL Editor - Open source web app for editing the Citation Style Language. Funded by the Sloan foundation and managed by Mendeley and Columbia University. I was the lead developer. Created in 2012

Mendeley - A reference manager for academic researchers to manage their library of PDF papers. I was an engineer on the Mendeley desktop team and developed the original Mendeley plugins for Word and OpenOffice.

LCD Simulator - LCD Simulator, C# Windows application for predicting light propagation through an LCD stack. Created while working at the University of Greenwich in 2008.

ROMARA (Risk Analysis and Design of Experiments software) - Windows app which does monte carlo simulations for DOE (design of experiments) calculations. Created at the University of Greenwich in 2008.

Ape Invasion - A Flash game with custom 2D tile and physics engine. Not that good! Created in 2008.

FATMAN (Finite-element Analysis Tool, Multi-physics And Nonlinear) - FORTRAN 90 code for simulating elastic stress and strain, and non-linear plasticity and damage in 3D structures. Created as part of my PhD thesis “Modelling to predict the reliability of solder joints” at University of Greenwich, 2005 to 2007.

Non-Software Projects

Steve Plays Music - A YouTube channel where I post videos of myself playing songs on guitar and piano, which I’m sharing mainly as a way to motivate me to improve.

Zbampq - A short film I made in 2010 about a lonely call center worker which takes a surreal turn when an old asian man turns up selling action figures from the 1980s.